Magnetically coupled linear actuators | PAT & BAT drives

Magnetically coupled linear actuators | PAT & BAT drives

Designed to support the next generation of beamline diagnostic devices that require speed whilst eliminating the use of bellows where possible. Our magnetically-coupled drives can be actuatuated pneumatically (PAT drive) or motorised (BAT drive) and are capable of speeds up to 1,000mm/s.  See the BAT drive in action in the video below.

Working in collaboration with Accelerator facilities in the Americas and Europe, the design can be customised to match specific encoder and wiring standards, simplifying the installation and commissioning process.

Key Features

  • Magnetically-coupled bellows free operation
  • Up to 100mm linear travel
  • Linear breakaway thrust: 90N
  • Linear speed: 1,000mm/s (500 mm/s recommended)
  • Exceptional reliability
BAT Drive | Motorised ball screw linear drive with 38mm clear bore and capable of speeds up to 1,000mm/s

Bellows free design

Reducing the number of bellows used on critical beamline applications is a key focus for many Light Sources and Colliders globablly. In response we developed a magnetically-coupled linear actuator capable of achieving the high speeds required for the next generation beamline diagnostics.

In addition to the technical performance we work closely with our customers to match any switch, encoder, motor and wiring preference on our actuators to make it as easy as possible to install and commission.

Customisation options include:

  • Motor and gearbox
  • Encoder or linear potentiometer
  • Wiring standards and choice of connectors
  • Limit and home switches

We are always happy to discuss any other requirement you may have.

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BAT Drive in action  

Pneumatically Actuated Option

The magnetically-coupled  Pneumatically Actuated Linear Translator (PAT) drive has been designed in collaboration with CERN to specifically to eliminate the use of unnecessary bellows in beamline diagnostic applications. 

Available in strokes up to 100mm and actuated using a side mounted rodless pneumatic cylinder, the design incorporates 2 constant force springs for fail-safe operation in the event of loss of electrical power or air supply.

Utilising UHV Design’s magnetic coupling technology, the PAT drive has a linear breakaway thrust of 90N. Linear speeds up to 500mm/s recommended.

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PAT Drive

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