Power Probe customisation

Power Probe customisation

Available options

All of our standard products offer a level of customisation from different methods of actuation to adding encoders and custom features. Some of these options available for the Power Probe range of sample transfer arms are detailed below.

If you have a specific requirement not listed below, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Key Features

  • Standard and High Speed (ballscrew) motorisation options for Linear Only and Dual Axis products.
  • Custom shaft options
  • Retracted switch
  • Linear and rotary encoder options

Motorised Dual Axis Power Probe (shown without covers)

Standard Motorisation

The Linear Only along with the Dual Axis and Elevating Power Probe transfer arms can be motorised. The standard leadscrew option provides precise control with speeds up to 10mm/s. The entire transfer arm can be baked to 240oC with the motors and any switch assemblies removed.

Stepper motors can be controlled using our MASC controller.

High Speed Motorisation


For longer strokes and applications where high throughput is required we offer a high speed motorisation options.  Utilising a ball screw mechanism the high speed motorisation option provides linear translation up to 100mm/s.

The transfer arm can be baked to 240oC using heater tape with the ball screw mechanism limited to 80oC bakeout temperature.

Stepper motors can be controlled using our MASC controller.


Retracted switch

The retracted switch option provides a bakeable limit switch for the retracted position, aiding system interlocks. This signal can be used to prevent accidental damage such as closing a gate valve when the arm is still inserted in to the chamber.

Custom shafts & extended bearing housing

We can offer a range of customised shaft lengths with additional features to aid attachements and custom end-effectrors. Typically this service is more suited to OEM customer who require multiple units whcih may be purchased using our 'blanket order' system.

For more information on custom end-effectors and our blanket order system, please contact us.

Have somthing else in mind?

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to provide no obligation advice.

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