XL-T MultiCentre

XL-T MultiCentre

The XL-T series is an entry level single bellows compact stage, offering a full range of functions. Based on the TETRAXE XYZT manipulator, its rugged construction and smaller platform is ideal for surface science chambers where space is at a premium. The XL-T can be configured to suit all industry standard sample holders and provides a range of manipulation, heating, cooling and advanced options detailed below. 

Key features

  • Single bellows with 3, 4 or 5 axes
  • +/- 12.5 XY Motion
  • 50-250mm Z Motion
  • Puck, Flag or ESCA sample handling
  • E-beam heating, LN2 cooling plus biasing options
  • Continuous azimuthal rotation & LN2 cooling


The large 65mm ID bellows bore allows for all services, including LN2 cooling coils, to be routed at the top of the stage resulting in a very uncluttered, compact design at the sample stage, significantly reducing the swept radius.

A unique feature is the continuous azimuthal rotation even when cooling with LN2. This is achieved via a proprietary design which not only acts as a bearing for rotation, but provides electrical isolation of the sample.

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Technical Specification

MODEL XL-T Puck-Style Flag-Style ESCA Stub
Mounting flange CF64 114mm (4.5") OD CF or CF100 152mm (6") OD CF
X-Y travel +/- 12.5mm
Z travel 50, 100, 150 and 250mm
Polar rotation +/- 180°
Azimuthal rotation Continuous with LN2 cooling N/A
Maximum sample size 25mm diameter 15mm x 18mm 14mm diameter
Resistive heating > 900°C > 900°C > 900°C
e-beam heating > 1200°C > 1200°C  N/A
LN2 cooling < -150°C (<-160°C typically achievable)
(< -150°C with continuous azimuthal rotation)
< -140°C
Sample current measurement Isolation  > +/- 1000 V Resistance > 500 MOhm

Sample Transfer Example Using Magnetically-coupled Transfer Arm 


Sample Transfer Example Using Magnetically-coupled Wobble Stick


Configuration options

Choice of 4 or 5 axis configurations

Both the XL-T and XL-R range of multicentres are available in 4 or 5 axis configurations to suit the application requirements. 

4 axis (X,Y,Z,R1) 5 axis (X,Y,Z,R1,R2)
The 4 axis option provides a range of X, Y and Z movements with magnetically coupled rotary drive providing the polar (primary) rotation. The 5 axis option provides a range of X, Y and Z movements with magnetically coupled rotary drives providing both the polar (primary) rotation and azimuthal (secondary) rotation.


Choice of industry standard sample holders

Both the XL-T and XL-R range of multicentres can be configured to accept industry standard sample holders (detailed below).

Puck Flag Esca Stub
25.4mm (d) x 10.9mm (h) 15mm (l) x 19mm (w) 10mm (d) x 17mm (h)

Choice of resistive and e-beam heating options

Both the XL-T and XL-R range of multicentres can provide resistive sample heating to 900oC or e-beam sample heating to 1,200oC (typical values).

Resistive heating to 900oC E-beam heating to 1,200oC
Robust self-supporting Ta foil heater, for minimum outgassing and large ratio of heated to open surface area ensuring heater longevity. The filament is also Yttria coated to provide additional robustness in oxidising atmospheres and for protection in the event of an accidental vent. Note: heating limited to 600°C with LHe option. For higher temperature requirements the e-beam heating option achieves sample temperatures up to 1200°C. To upgrade to e-beam heating simply requires a change of power supply unit.
Click graph to view large version of typical heating performance

LN2 cooling option

The XL-T range of multicentres can provide LN2 sample cooling to -150oC.

LN2 cooling to -150oC LHe not available on XLT range
Innovative LN2 cooling module provides sample cooling down to <-150°C with continuous azimuthal rotation and temperature measurement. Typically the LN2 cooling can achieve sample temperatures to <-160°C. The LN2 circuit is routed through the hollow shaft with the coils inside the service collar to minimise the swept volume of the stage head.
For LHe cooling to <20K, please see the XL-R range.

Advanced stage options

Thanks to the unique uncluttered design of the stage it is possible to add the following advanced stage options:

Single flag-style parking position  Two level parking positions
5-axis flag-style heat / cool stage with the following additional features:

(a) Single flag-style sample parking position which can loaded from either side by a wobble stick, is electrically floating for biasing and sample current measurement, and can be cooled 

(b) Toggle mechanism which can be operated by a wobble stick to disengage the thermocouple from the back of the sample plate. Normally this functionality is accomplished by the forks on the magnetic transfer arm which engage in the end of the manipulator and disengage the thermocouple in the process 
4-axis flag-style heat / cool stage with a 2 level parking stage (c), both electrically floating and coolable into which can be loaded from either side:

- 2 standard flag samples,
- or two direct current heating flag samples, or 
- a mixture thereof
- a special flag-style sample plate with a QMB (Quartz Micro-balance) FTM (Film Thickness Monitor) mounted on it, or
-a special flag-style sample plate with an e-beam heater module which when loaded into the lower position can be used to heat a standard flag-style sample in the upper level to 1200°C


Flag mounted STM tip holder parking stage Large flag-style parking position
5-axis flag-style heat / cool stage showing  a custom parking position for the conditioning of flag mounted STM tips (d) 4-axis flag-style heat / cool stage  - showing an additional parking position for a large (30x30mm) flag-style sample plate (e), which is also electrically isolated for biasing and sample current measurement, and can be cooled


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