Ballscrew Magnetically-coupled Linear Drive

Ballscrew Magnetically-coupled Linear Drive

BAT Drive

The magnetically-coupled Ball Screw Actuated Linear Translator (BAT) drive has been designed for application requiring speeds in excess of 100mm/s.

Available in strokes up to 100mm and actuated using a 20mm pitch precision ballscrew.

Utilising UHV Design’s magnetic coupling technology, the BAT drive has a linear breakaway thrust of 90N. Linear speed up to 1,000mm/s (500mm/s recommended).

Key Features

  • Magnetically-coupled bellows free operation
  • Up to 100mm linear travel
  • Linear breakaway thrust: 90N
  • Linear speed: 1,000mm/s (500 mm/s recommended)
  • Exceptional reliability

Shown with covers removed

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