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UHV Design's 2018 product catalogue available for download or to view online.

IOP Article: CERN Linear Drive Case Study
Learn how we worked with CERN to develop a new magnetically-coupled linear drive to replace bellows devices.

IOP Article: Evolution of TETRAXE streamlined positioning platform
IOP Article detailing how our Tetraxe XYZT manipulator evolved from listening to our customers such as Scienta Omicron.

Sample Transfer Options
Sample transfer solutions including wobble sticks, mag-coupled transfer arms and telescopic options

Synchrotron Applications
This brochure briefly outlines each product offered for synchrotron use, providing examples of their applications on transfer paths, storage rings, beamlines and end stations.

MultiCentre for Surface Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect applications
Application note detailing the use of a customised MultiCentre for Surface Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect applications

High Temp Dual Position Parking Stage for Multicentre
Learn more about our High Temp Dual Position Stage for e-beam heating to 1,400 degrees C

The Magic of MagiDrives
Learn how magnetically-coupled rotary drives became the natural choice for UHV applications.

RAPID Heating & Cooling Analytical Stage
Rapid heating & cooling stage for Thermal Stimulated Desorption experiments.

Cathodic Arc Application Bulletin
Learn about our substrate heating stage designed specifically for Cathodic Arc Deposition applications.

EpiCentre Range of Deposition Stages
Comprehensive range of deposition stages. In-line, right-angle and Glancing Angle configurations available, providing substrate manipulation, RF Bias and heating to 1,200 Degrees C.

MultiCentre Range of Analytical Stages
Heating and cooling sample stages designed specifically for surface analysis applications. Compatible with all common sample holders (flag, puck, ESCA stub) and providing sample manipulation, heating to 1,200 Degrees C and cooling to 20K.

Radial Telescoping Transfer Arm | Technical Bulletin
Technical performance data for our UHV radial distribution sample transfer mechanism, which uniquely has a telescoping arm providing a stroke of >750mm, and yet fits within a 606mm diameter chamber. Available upon request by emailing

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