TETRAXE | XYZT manipulators

TETRAXE | XYZT manipulators

Precise manipulation in X, Y, Z with integrated tilt

Our TETRAXE manipulator offers precise manipulation in X, Y and Z axis with convenient +/-2o tilt integrated into the mounting flange assembly.  Rugged construction combined with ultra-compact footprint make the TETRAXE an ideal manipulator platform where space is at a premium.

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Designed to offer the ultimate in versatility the TETRAXE offers a number of key features detailed below.

Key features

  • 50-300mm Z motion options
  • XY options include +/-12mm (38mm bore), +/-15mm (64mm bore) and +/-25mm (102mm bore) with integrated +/- 2o tilt
  • High resolution performance

Designed for flexibility and convenience

In situations where available space is limited, in addition to an ultra-compact footprint, the TETRAXE allows both the X and Y actuation methods to be moved to alternative positions to avoid mechanical clashes if required.  Moving the manual handwheels or motorisation kits requires no specialist tools or training and can be completed on-site by following a simple process. In addition to this feature, the mounting flange incorporates an integrated +/-2 degree tilt for convenience during final alignment. Straddled holes on the fixed flange are offered as standard with In-line clear holes available as an option.

The TETRAXE is availble in manual or motorised configurations with the option to  upgrade from manual actuation to motorisation at a later date using simple 'DIY' motorisation kits.

The perfect platform for advanced manipulators

Combining the TETRAXE with additional components such as rotary feedthroughs, service collars and custom shafts allows advanced manipulators to be created.

Some examples are shown below (click on the images below for more details).


For fully configurable sample manipultors which include sample holder, heating and cooling options, please see the XL-T Multicentre.


Manually actuated TTX40-40-H

TETRAXE with stepper motorised X & Y

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Technical Specifications

Travelling flange CF40  CF40 CF63 CF63 CF100
Mounting flange CF40 CF100 CF63 CF100 CF100
XY travel


(+/-17.7mm vector)


(+/-17.7mm vector)


(+/-21mm vector)


(+/- 21mm vector)


(+/-35mm vector)

Z travel 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm 200mm, 250mm, 300mm options
Flange tilt +/-2 degrees integrated into the mounting flange
Clear bore diameter 39mm 39mm 65mm 65mm 102mm
Bakeout temperature 250oC (with motors removed)
Max probe diameter 13mm
(for max. X or Y travel)

(for max. X or Y travel)

(for max. simultaneous X&Y travel)
(for max. simultaneous X&Y travel)
(for max. simultaneous X&Y travel)
Available Downloads  
TETRAXE technical datasheet Download



TTX63 with service collar.
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TTX + SC + R1

TTX63 with service collar and one rotation.
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TTX + R1 + R2

TTX63 with two rotations (outer and inner shafts).
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