Rotary Feedthroughs in UHV Design

Rotary Feedthroughs in UHV Design

Rotary feedthrough technology is crucial for accurately rotating samples and mechanisms within vacuum chambers. Innovative designs with bellows free magnetic couplings have a high torque and reliable vacuum performance. Novel rotary feedthroughs are state of the art technology used in many of UHV Design devices for scientific research and industrial equipment designs.

At UHV Design, we are committed to the design of fail-safe and reliable rotary feedthroughs specialised for superior performance under a range of industrial and research high-vacuum environments. Our MagiDrive rotary feedthrough product series uses stiff, high flux magnetic coupling technology that allows rotation to be transferred into a vacuum system with no chance of leaks compromising the vacuum environment. With key features like single piece enclosures and magnetic shielding, we eliminate the potential complications and reliability issues of mechanical couplings and guarantee true UHV operation and performance.

UHV Design’s comprehensive product range includes a diverse array of rotary feedthroughs created for UHV purposes. We continuously evaluate and improve our products driven by the needs of our customers to optimally provide first class solutions for your designs. Below is our wide selection of rotary feedthroughs, each design catered to your most specific and unique requirements.   

Solid MagiDrive Series

Solid-shaft series rotary feedthroughs are optimised for a wide range of product configurations and customisation, for all applications. For industry or research where longer shaft sizes are necessary, positional stability is vital to ensure peak performance. Recognising this need, UHV Design also offers an array of supporting options, including extended bearing housings, to achieve the optimal rotary feedthrough setup.

Hollow MagiDrive Series

Sophisticated manipulation is sometimes required for certain scientific research and industrial needs. The hollow configuration of MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs allows device stacking capabilities to solve these challenges. The hollow through bore can provide an increased number of axes of independent rotation or enable power feedthroughs, thermocouples, and cooling tube services to be passed through the centre of the mechanism. Their extremely high torque capabilities and true UHV performance serve to further enhance the versatility of our rotary feedthroughs.


The Magilift, is a hollow rotary feedthrough with integrated lift and lowering abilities, this dual combination of technologies is capable of both rotary and linear motion. This single device is compact with options for motorisation and pneumatic actuation and optimised for substrate manipulation and heating. This efficient device can have customised shaft sizes and lengths. It is also capable of very high torque and linear force for a superior motion and precision.

UHV Rotary Feedthroughs from UHV Design

This article has served as a very brief introduction to our design philosophy, and to highlight some of the critical UHV rotary feedthroughs that make up our industry renowned product line that is available. If you would like to learn more information about any of the products and systems reviewed in this blog piece, please contact a member of the UHV Design team. If you have specific, individual problems which mandate a personalised solution, our team would be happy to work toward a resolution with you.