EC-I series

EC-I series

The EC-I series provides state-of-the-art performance for various growth and deposition techniques including MBE, sputtering and CVD. The EC-I offers continuous substrate rotation, high temperature and high uniformity heating, DC/RF biasing up to 300W, and facilities for substrate transfer, while maintaining true UHV compatibility.  

The series includes models to accommodate SEMI standard wafers from 2" to 200mm diameter. Special substrate cradles can be provided to accommodate specific substrate shapes and designs up to 200mm diameter.   

We also offer a heat/cool stage for 6" wafers based on the ECI design.
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Key features

  • Substrate heating to 1200°C
  • Continuous substrate rotation
  • Homing for automatic transfer alignment
  • Substrate lift/lower for transfer
  • DC/RF substrate biasing (100W & 300W options)
  • Adjustable deposition height
  • SEMI standard 2" to 200mm Ø samples

The EC-I series benefits from the success of UHV Design’s unique hollow magnetic coupling technology using the CF38 mounted MagiLift drive. This single compact device provides magnetically-coupled substrate rotation and axial motion to lift and lower substrates for transfer.

The hollow drive technology facilitates the passing of services through the drive to a stationary wafer heating module in close proximity to the substrate, eliminating the need for vulnerable high current rotational connections. The MagiLift provides continuous rotation of the substrate cradle, which supports the substrate, for better temperature and layer uniformity. It further provides a pneumatically actuated 25mm lift and lower for substrate transfer. 

The stationary heater module employs multiple refractory metal Molybdenum heat shields to minimise heat loss, (Inconel and other materials available upon request), and a choice of either SiCg (SiC coated Graphite) or sSiC (solid SiC) heater elements, both of which are capable of heating wafers to 1200°C and operating within O2 rich environments.

The electrically-isolated substrate cradle can be biased with either DC or RF to facilitate sputter cleaning prior to deposition or for better control of deposition kinetics. ‘Faraday Dark Space Shielding’ is supplied as standard on all biased stages. This confines plasma to the substrate cradle region. Our proprietary substrate biasing technology provides unrivalled flicker-free performance, typically with zero maintenance and long operational life. 

The deposition height adjustment facility allows the Z position of the substrate to be adjusted to optimise the distance from the deposition flux. 

The stages can be mounted in any-orientation, although they are most commonly mounted vertically with the wafer facing up or down and parallel to the mounting flange. Other orientations can be accommodated with special wafer holders. Options are also available to configure EpiCentres for higher pressure and corrosive environments. 

The series has a full suite of options including choice of system mounting flanges, manual or pneumatic substrate shutters and thermocouple materials.

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EC-I Options & Configuration


Mounting Flange

Four standard CF type flanges are available. Each includes at least one port to fit a shutter assembly. 

Deposition Height Adjustment

The deposition height adjustment option allows the Z position of the substrate to be adjusted by up to 50mm to optimise the distance from deposition flux affecting deposition uniformity and deposition rate (see figure 1). Other height options available upon request.

DC & RF Bias

Our proprietary substrate biasing technology provides unrivalled flicker-free performance, typically with zero maintenance and long operational life. 

Solid Silicon Carbide Heater Element

Solid SiC heaters are manufactured from a conducting solid SiC material in the ß phase and are more robust in all respects. They are durable under mechanical or electrical shocking and when exposed to reactive gases including oxidising atmospheres at high temperature. They are also optimised to give the very best in temperature uniformity.


Thermocouple Options

Type C and Type K options available with a choice of UHV or HV fittings. HV versions include an o-ring sealed connector allowing thermocouple position to be adjusted to match the pyrometer reading of substrate temperature, removing the need for calibration adjustments. 


Deposition Shields

Deposition shields can be fitted to protect the heater module and services from the deposition flux. The deposition shields are easy to demount for cleaning and are typically stainless steel (refractory metal version available upon request).  


Substrate Shutter

Manual or pneumatically actuated substrate shutter to control line-of-sight between substrate and depostion source. Shutter blades are typically Molybdenum with other materials are available upon request. See Figure 2. 


Homing Sensor

An external magnetic proximity home switch is also provided for position sensing the internal shaft to align the stage to within 0.1° for automated substrate transfer.

Substrate cooling for 6" substrates

Click here to learn about our CECI depostion stage which offers heating to 800 deg C and cooling to -100 deg C.

Figure 1. EC-I with manual adjustable deposition height adjustment option

Figure2. Substrate shutter option.
SUBSTRATE DIAMETER 50mm (2") 100mm (4") 150mm (6") 200mm (8")
CF200/10" OD system flange Available Available Not available Not available
CF250/12" OD system flange  Available (s) Available (s) Available Not available
CF300/14" OD system flange Available (s) Available (s) Available (s) Available
CF350/16.5" OD system flange Available (s) Available (s) Available (s) Available (s)
Heater element Silicon Carbide coated graphite (SiCg) as standard (see options below)
Heater module shielding & construction Molybdenum
Substrate rotation Stepper motorised
Cradle movement for substrate transfer  25mm pneumatic via MagiLift
Insertion length (flange face to substrate) 240mm (+25mm for substrate transfer)
Deposition height adjustment  Not adjustable as standard (see options below)
Achievable temperature 1200oC (based on heating a Molybdenum sample) as standard
Azimuthal rotation 24 V DC motor or Smart Motor
or no motor  (gearbox only fitted, customer supplies and fits NEMA 23 frame motor)
Deposition height adjustment Z = 50mm (other options available upon request)
Deposition height adjustment actuation Stepper, 24 V DC motor or Smart Motor
or no motor (gearbox only fitted, customer supplies and fits NEMA 23 frame motor)
Cradle movement for substrate transfer Manual hand wheel actuation (standard actuation is pneumatic)
DC & RF bias DC bias ≤ 1kV, RF ≤ 100W (including dark space shielding)
Substrate shutter Manual, pneumatic or motorised. See system flange options (s)
Heater element  Solid Silicon Carbide (sSiC)
Heater module shield Inconel heat shields instead of standard Molybdenum for higher O2 partial pressures 
("Achievable temperature" limited to 1000°C)
Thermocouple options -   
      with RF / DC bias  UHV Option: 2 x CF bellows-sealed sheathed Type K or HV option: 2 x O-ring sheathed Type K
      with no RF / DC bias 1 x CF (unsheathed) Type K or Type C
Homing sensor 24V pre-wired DC NPN sensor kit
Deposition shield cans to protect stage mechanism  Available on request
Custom insertion length Available on request