Wobble sticks

Wobble sticks

Wobble sticks

The UHV Design wobble stick is a slimline modular concept benefiting from UHV Design’s high power magnetic coupling technology. The coupling eliminates the need for long egde-welded bellows stacks, typically employed with conventional wobble stick designs.

This reduces the risk of leaks, particularly for deposition applications such as MBE where particulates or deposition between bellows convolutions can reduce lifetimes or cause immediate failure.


Key Features

  • In-line and right-angled version with +/-22o tilt
  • 100-350mm stroke range (50mm increments) 
  • Note: longer strokes are available upon request. Contact us for details.
  • Bakeout to 250oC without the need to remove the outer magnet assembly
  • WSG40 includes trigger grip
  • Choice of end effectors for flag, puck and esca stub (see below)
  • No thrust due to vacuum


Product Downloads

       Wobble stick brochure

WS40 range

The WS40 range of wobble sticks have been designed to offer precise manual manipulation of a range of sample holders using UHV Design's high power magnetic coupling technology.

Click here to learn more about the WS40 range


Example WS40 end effector options



WSG40 range with active gripper mechanism

The WSG40 is equipped with a trigger mechanism located on the outer magnetic assembly to actuate the gripper mechanism.

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Example WSG40 end effector options