3-axis RTTA

3-axis RTTA

The 3-axis RTTA provides 360° rotation, 760mm linear extension and 50mm Z motion to provide arm lift and lower to aid sample transfer. Typically <1mm deflection at full arm extension with 10N load. Linear reproducibility of <0.2mm and rotational reproducibility of <0.2mm. Motorisation options available.

The 3-axis RTTA provides a cost-effective radial distribution sample transfer solution for applications that require arm rotation, arm extension and arm lift and lower for sample transfer.

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Key features

  • 760mm extension 
  • Typically <1mm deflection at full extension under 10N load
  • Rotational reproducibility <0.2mm
  • Linear reproducibility <0.2mm
  • Clean, UHV performance
  • Competitively priced compared to conventional designs

A high torque magnetically-coupled MagiDrive provides arm rotation to align with the desired chamber port.  A second MagiDrive is used to drive the innovative telescopic mechanism to provide an arm extension of 760mm to transport the sample in and out of the desired satellite chamber. 

A linear shift mechanism is used to provide 50mm lift/lower of the sample arm for gravity based sample hand off, typically used on our MBE, sputtering and CVD sample manipulators and heating stages.

The 3-axis RTTA can be fully motorised using stepper or SMART motors. Alternatively the RTTA can be configured to accept any standard NEMA23 frame motor.

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Mounting Flange CF100 152mm (6") OD CF
Min radial port flange size for arm CF100 152mm (6") OD CF (Arm lift dependent on radial port ID)
Min radial port flange size for max arm lift/lower of 50mm CF150 203mm (8") OD CF and 150mm bore
Min radial port size and clear bore required for assembly installation  CF150 203mm (8") OD CF and 150mm bore
Rotation motion  Unlimited manual and +/-180° motorised
Minimum chamber ID 640mm (contact us for detailed installation requirements)
Minimum chamber free height 152mm
Arm lift motion stroke 50mm (48mm if motorised)
Arm extension 760mm 
Arm extension from port of 640mm ID chamber 678mm
Arm stiffness at full extension Typically <1mm deflection with 10N load
Rotational reproducibility 0.2mm at full extension
Bakeout temperature 250°C (with motors removed)