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Linear & elevation motion

EPP series

Complete sampling-handling system providing linear motion and up to 50mm of lift in the Y-axis for sample hand-off. Stroke lengths from 304mm to 1219mm and motorisation options available.

The Elevating PowerProbe transforms conventional approaches to sample transfer.

For demanding UHV applications,  we recommend choosing the 'XEPP' option with rolling metal & ceramic bearings for smooth low friction actuation with minimal outgassing.

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Key features

  • Up to 50mm of lift in the Y-axis
  • Unrivalled axial coupling strength
  • Exceptional axial stiffness 
  • Zero backlash under low load
  • Bakeable to 250°C without removing any components
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In addition to its internally-guided linear motion, the probe has the ability to elevate its end-effector throughout its stroke, providing 12.7mm of lift as standard (with 25mm and 50mm options) in the Y axis for sample hand-off. 

This PowerProbe variant greatly simplifies sample transfer techniques, providing a single device to provide both linear motion for sample introduction and the lift/lower motion to collect or hand-off the sample.

With a range of industry-standard effectors, the Elevating PowerProbe provides a complete sample-handling system in its own right removing the need for secondary motion tools. This reduces cost and simplifies the transfer process. 

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Mounting flange CF40 (2.75" OD) up to 1219mm strokes or CF63 (4.5" OD) for 1524mm stroke
Elevating (lift/lower) motion 12.7mm (0.5"), 25.4mm (1.0") or 50mm (2.0")
Linear coupling break-away force 140 N (31.5 lbs) 
Sample weight/load capacity Maximum recommended internal load-carrying capacity will be a function of probe extension, but we recommend not to exceed a moment of 20 Nm (177 in-lbs) and 1.5 Nm (13 in-lbs) on elevating plate
Pressure range Atmosphere to 5x10-11 mbar
Bakeout temperature PowerProbes are bakeable to 250°C without the removal of any components (except for motors)
Position locking Thumbscrew (manual only)
Technical datasheet Download technical datasheet