PP series

PP series

Linear & rotary motion

High-performance magnetically-coupled combined linear/rotary devices, designed for sample transfer. Both linear and rotary motion of the sample achieved via a single actuator with stroke length from 304mm to 1524mm.

The PowerProbe provides both linear and rotary motion of the sample, via a single actuator. 

For demanding UHV applications,  we recommend choosing the 'XPP' option with rolling metal & ceramic bearings for smooth low friction actuation with minimal outgassing.

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Key features

  • Unrivalled axial coupling strength
  • 4x torque compared to conventional devices
  • Exceptional axial stiffness
  • Zero backlash under low load
  • Bakeable to 250ºC without removing any components 

The PowerProbe’s powerful magnetic coupling technology provides performance far in advance of conventional probes on the market avoiding magnetic hysteresis and de-coupling issues suffered by traditional designs.
The high torque characteristics are achieved by utilising MagiDrive rotary coupling technology.

Combined with a high thrust linear coupling, this ensures optimum drive performance on both axes. Therefore, actuation of the thimble in either axis will result in the precise transmission of this motion to the sample.
The PowerProbe can be fitted with a bakeable limit switch for the retracted position, aiding system interlocks.

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Mounting flange size CF40 (2.75" OD) up to 1219mm strokes or CF63 (4.5" OD) for 1524mm stroke
Linear axial coupling break-away force 140 N (31.5 lbs) 
Rotary coupling break-away torque 4 Nm (35 in-lbs)
Sample weight/load capacity Maximum recommended internal load-carrying capacity will be a function of probe extension, but we recommend not to exceed a moment of 20 Nm (177 in-lbs)
Maximum recommended internally applied load when vertically installed This is a function of the load acceleration. In a static case the load may approach the coupling break-away force, however, it would be wise to apply a sensible safety factor
Bakeout temperature PowerProbes are bakeable to 250°C without the removal of any components (except for motors)
Position locking Thumbscrew (manual only)
Technical datasheet Download technical datasheet