TAPP series

TAPP series

Rotary inner shaft with lock

Magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm, providing linear and rotary motion with a unique sample gripping mechanism allowing samples to be locked onto and off the probe. Linear and rotary motion of the sample is achieved via a single actuator with stroke length from 304mm to 1219mm. Unique lock/unlock mechanism then activates an independent shaft to provide gripper activation.

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Key features

  • Independent linear & rotary motion with unique sample gripping system
  • End-effectors for flag and puck systems
  • Unrivalled axial coupling strength
  • 10x thrust and 4x torque compared to conventional devices 
  • Exceptional axial stiffness 
  • Zero backlash under low load

The Triple Axis PowerProbe (TAPP) has two concentric output shafts providing two independent axes of motion. Linear and rotary motion of the outer shaft is provided through a high power magnetic coupling, driven by the thimble.

Compared with conventional devices the Triple Axis Power Probe provides more than 10 times the thrust and 4 times the torque with exceptional axial stiffness.

In addition to linear and rotary motion the thimble incorporates a unique secondary linear motion that can be used to lock/unlock samples held by a gripping end-effector.

This PowerProbe variant is ideally suited to system designers who need linear and rotary motion with an independent end-effector mechanism. When ordered with an end-effector the Triple Axis Power Probe provides the ultimate in secure sample transfer.

Standard End-effectors

Two standard end-effectors are offered to grip and safely transfer industry-standard surface analysis flag and puck sample holders.

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Mounting flange CF38 70mm (2.75") OD
Linear coupling break-away force 180 N (40.5 lbf) standard with 90N (20 lbf) & 310N (69.7 lbf) versions available on request
Rotary coupling break-away torque  4 Nm (2.95 lbf ft)
Sample weight/load capacity Maximum recommended internal load-carrying capacity will be a function of probe extension, but we recommend not to exceed a moment of 20 Nm (15 lbf ft)
Pressure range Atmosphere to 5x10-11 mbar
Bakeout temperature PowerProbes are bakeable to 250°C without the removal of any components (except for motors)
Position locking Thumbscrew (manual only)
Axial and torsional stiffness Click here to view graphs
Technical datasheet Download technical datasheet