XYZ multistage manipulators

XYZ multistage manipulators

Precise manipulation in X, Y and Z

Our compact single bellows 'TETRAXE'  XYZ stage includes integrated +/-2 degrees of tilt on the mounting flange to aid mounting alightment and is perfect for applications requiring up to 300mm Z motion and up to +/-25mm of X & Y manipulation. 

For applications requiring longer Z travel and up to +/-40mm of X & Y manipulation our range of XY manipulators can be combined with our extensive range of Linear Shift Mechansims which provide up to 1,000mm of Z travel.

Key features

  • 25mm-1000mm Z motion in combination with XY
  • Mounting in any-orientation without additional supports
  • Smooth, precise kinematic motion
  • Robust construction for high loads
  • True UHV performance

Single Bellows Compact XYZ with integrated tilt

Our TETRAXE manipulator offers precise manipulation in X, Y and Z axis (up to 300mm) with convenient +/-2o tilt integrated into the mounting flange assembly.  Rugged construction combined with ultra-compact footprint make the TETRAXE an ideal manipulator platform where space is at a premium.




Combination of XY manipulator and Z shift

For longer linear manipulation, up to 1,000mm a combination of an XY manipulator with a linear shift can be used.


XYZ manipulator with integrated tilt

Combined X,Y & Z manipulator up to 350mm Z travel
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Configured XYZ

Combine X&Y box with a range of Z shifts up to 1,000mm Z travel.
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Specification Table

MODEL XY14-64-38 XY14-100-38 XY31-100-38 XY31-100-64 XY31-150-64 XY57-150-150
Travelling flange CF38 70mm (2.75") OD with M6 straddled holes CF64 114mm (4.5") OD with M8 straddled
CF150 203mm (8") OD with M8 straddled holes
Mounting flange CF64 114mm (4.5") OD with M8 straddled holes CF100 152mm (6") OD with M8 straddled holes CF150 203mm (8") OD with M8 straddled holes
X Y travel +/-10mm (+/-14mm vector) +/-22mm (+/-31mm vector) +/-40mm (+/-57mm vector)
X Y resolution Manual drive +/- 0.01mm. Stepper motor driven +/- 0.005mm (based upon 400 half-steps per revolution).
Z travel Z shifts are available with following strokes as standard: 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000mm
Z resolution manual Manual drive +/- 0.5mm with engraved shaft, with digital linear scale 0.01mm
Z resolution per 1/2 step motorised 100 & 200mm Z travel - +/- 0.000254mm
400 & 600mm Z travel - +/- 0.000508mm
100 & 200mm Z travel - +/- 0.000127mm
300 to 1000mm Z travel - +/- 0.000635mm


Six Axes Motion

Combining the MultiStage with UHV Design’s MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs allows transmission of rotary motion through the centre. In addition, the hollow MagiDrive allows services, for example heating and cooling apparatus, to be passed through the centre.

The hollow configuration enables stacking of MagiDrives to provide further independent axes of rotation. In this way, the three axes of motion already provided by the MultiStage can be supplemented with up to three more.

Custom shafts, service collars and dual point support can also be provided.


Example of XYZ combined with MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs to provide up to 5 axes of motion (X, Y, Z, R1, R2).