Magnetically-coupled devices

Magnetically-coupled devices

For high-duty process applications, the magnetically-coupled push pull (MPP) devices are ideally suited with high torque, high axial stiffness and zero thrust due to vacuum. The magnetically-coupled push pull range provides linear and linear/rotary motion solutions with up to 300mm (12") stroke. Strong magnetic coupling eliminates the use of bellows and dynamic seals, which are vulnerable to failure, providing a robust long-life design.

The range provides smooth motion in both directions with zero thrust due to vacuum, unlike bellows-sealed devices. Ranges provide linear motion (with free rotation of the shaft), guided linear motion (no rotation of the shaft) and linear and rotary motion (shaft rotation controlled by the thimble). Manual actuation is provided as standard with motorised and pneumatic options available. Pneumatic actuation is ideal for high-duty, two-position applications, such as source or beam shutters.

Key features

  • Designed for use in high-duty and tigh-torque applications
  • Linear and linear/rotary motion options
  • Stroke lengths from 50mm to 300mm
  • Pnuematic and motorisation options (linear only)
  • No thrust due to vacuum
  • Bakeable to 250oC

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