Sample transfer arms

Sample transfer arms

PowerProbe sample transfer arms enable secure transfer of samples within UHV. This is a consequence of their unrivalled magnetic coupling strength. In addition to linear and linear/rotary probes, this extensive range includes the Elevating PowerProbe and the Dual-Axis PowerProbe designed to transfer specific industry-standard sample holders using a variety of actuation methods. 

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Key features

  • Secure transfer of samples
  • Unrivalled magnetic coupling strength
  • Unrivalled thrust performance
  • 4 Nm (3 lbf ft) break-away torque
  • Angular rigidity
  • Stiff coupling
  • Fully bakeable to 250°C

Linear only transfer arm

High-performance magnetically-coupled linear devices, designed for sample  transfer where only linear motion is required and rotation is undesirable.

Available in standard stroke lengths from 304mm to 1524mm.

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Linear & rotary transfer arm

High-performance magnetically-coupled combined linear/rotary devices, designed for sample transfer. Both linear and rotary motion of the sample achieved via a single actuator with stroke length from 304mm to 1524mm.

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Dual axis transfer arm

Designed for sample transfer with outer shaft linear motion and independent rotary motion of inner shaft. Ideal for systems where a secondary motion is required to actuate an end-effector mechanism. 

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Elevating transfer arm

Complete sampling-handling system providing linear motion and up to 50mm of lift in the Y-axis for sample hand-off. Stroke lengths from 304mm to 1219mm and motorisation options available.

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Triple axis transfer arm


Magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm, providing linear and rotary motion with a unique sample gripping mechanism allowing samples to be locked onto and off the probe. Linear and rotary motion of the sample is achieved via a single actuator with stroke length from 304mm to 1219mm. Unique lock/unlock mechanism then activates an independent shaft to provide gripper activation.

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Wafer flipper


Using the magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm, this custom design allows the secure wafer transfer with the ability to flip the wafer by 180 degrees. The wafer is secured and released by screwing the rear portion of the drive thimble in and out. The wafer holder design incorporates a spring mechanism to avoid over compressing the wafer/holder when gripping.

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Customisation options

Customisation options include motorisation, custom shaft lengths and retracted switches.

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