Heater power supplies

Heater power supplies

The compact, single case unit comprises DC power supply (compatible with RHEED techniques) and an integrated Eurotherm temperature controller.  Load current information is displayed on the front panel of the case.

In addition to manual temperature control, the Eurotherm controller includes a convenient autotuning facility. This automatically characterises the heater module and allows for set point temperatures to be achieved in the shortest possible time and maintained automatically.

Key features

  • Cost-effective plug & play compatibility with EpiCentre and MultiCentre stages
  • Provides optimised temperature control
  • Compatible with RHEED analysis
  • Compact unit

The heater power supplies are compatible with K, C, N and E type thermocouples and are provided with an interlock feature for integration into system control software if required.

UHV Design's heater power supplies are configured to match the specification of the MultiCentre or EpiCentre stage.

Heater power supplies are also compatible with UHV Design's range of Heater Modules . For details of power supply and temperature controller packages over 3kW please contact us.

  For part number information and availability please contact us.