Motion controllers

Motion controllers

We offer 'plug & play' motion controllers for both DC and stepper motors.  Our DC motor controller has been developed to offer simple, single-axis remote control of our  manipulation products. The Multi-Axis Motor Controller (MASC) provides single and multiple axis control for stepper motorised manipulation products (including analytical & deposition stages).

Key features

  • Plug & play compatibility with our motorised manipulation products
  • Single axis DC motor controller
  • Single and multiple axis stepper motor contoller

Stepper Motor Controllers

The MASC (Multi-Axis Stepper motor Controller) is compatible with all standard UHV Design stepper motorised devices providing precise control through a simple software interface, 3rd party software (such as Applied Motion Q and Si programmer) or hand-held jog box accessory with touch screen control.

DC Motor Hand-held controllers

A bi-directional variable speed DC motor controller which provides cost-effective, 'plug & play' single-axis remote control of manipulation products including MagiDrives and Linear Shift Mechanisms. Offers direction and speed control.

Hand-held DC controller

Bi-directional variable speed DC motor controller
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Modular stepper motor controller

Cost-effective solution to a wide range of applications that require accurate...
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