Modular stepper motor controller

Modular stepper motor controller

The MASC (Multi-Axis Stepper motor Controller) is compatible with all UHV Design stepper motorised devices providing precise control through a simple software interface, 3rd party software (such as Applied Motion Q and Si programmer) or hand-held jog box accessory.

Our new touch screen jog box provides a convenient way to control multiple axes with the ability to control the speed of actuation in real time or save up to 4 positions per axis.

Download the MASC datasheet

Key Features

  • Microstepping
  • ‚ÄčIndustry standard Applied Motion Products Driver
  • Monitoring and control over RS-485
  • Incremental encoder compatible as standard
  • Configurable touch screen Jog Box accessory

MASC Stepper Motor Controller

  • Stepper Motor Driver for light industrial and scientific uses where precision and system-level integration are required.
  • Compatible with 4 and 8 lead (parallel) stepper motors with microstepping function and monitoring and control over RS-485
  • Software configurable with dedicated application
  • Incremental encoder compatible as standard (Note: contact us for details of closed loop control)
  • Industry standard Applied Motion Products Driver
  • Programmable with Applied Motion Products Q programmer plus 3rd Party Software options
  • SMART jog box option, software configurable with dedicated application
  • Jog Box emulator - PC Software for fast and simple operation

MASC Jog Box



The updated MASC Jog Box provides a simple and intuitive method for controlling any UHV Design stepper motorised product.

Products can be actuated using the simple push button jog function with speed controlled using the central touch screen. In addition to this simple operation, a total of four positions per axis can be saved.


  • Provides simple push button control of movement / direction
  • Touchscreen control of speed
  • Axis selection via touchscreen
  • Store and return to up to 4 positions per axis using a simple procedure (see below for details)
  • Homing and 'zero' functions

How to store positions

Step 1 | Jog to the position you would like to save

Step 2 | Navigate to Select Axis screen

Step 3 | Press and hold desired axis until 'SET SEQUENCE' screen displayed
Step 4 | SELECT the sequence number to save the postion against
Step 5 | Press SET to store the position