Port aligners

Port aligners

Enables the distance and angular relationship between two flanges to be adjusted, where a fixed flange supports three equi-spaced threaded shafts, and in parallel, a travelling flange has adjustable floating mounts. A typical application would be the final alignment of sample transfer arms.

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Key features

  • Any-orientation mounting
  • +/- 5mm axial adjustment
  • +/- 3° angular tilt
  • High quality flexible 316L bellows accommodates motion, whilst maintaining ultra-high vacuum
  • Bakeable to 250°C

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Technical Specifications

PART Number PA35-H PA35-T PA64-H PA64-T PA100-H PA100-T PA150-H PA150-T PA200-H PA200-T
Flange size CF38 70mm (2.75") OD CF CF64 114mm (4.5") OD CF CF100 152mm (6") OD CF CF150 203mm (8") OD CF CF200 254mm (10") OD CF
Flange bolt hole type Clear M6 Tapped M6 Clear M8 Tapped M8 Clear M8 Tapped M8 Clear M8 Tapped M8 Clear M8 Tapped M8
Axial length adjustment +/- 5mm
Tilt +/- 3º
Bellows clear bore 38mm 65mm 102mm 127mm 127 - 200mm
(made to order)
Bakeout temperature 250ºC
Max Axial Load 200N
Max Cantilevered Moment 20Nm
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