Wire Scanner

Our WS Series

High performance, proven, wire scanner for transverse beam profile measurement for the latest generation of low emittance accelerators’ and FEL’s.

The Wire Scanner Fork is produced using technology licensed from the Paul Scherrer Institute. The device has been designed to allow fitments of preferred motors, encoders and wiring standards.

Minimally beam invasive in routine mode for live optimisation. High dynamic range (with a suitable beam loss monitor) and high special resolution give a detailed and accurate profile of beam intensity v’s spatial size in both transverse, x and y in a single device allowing tuning of beam optics for the lowest emittance.

The wire scanner is actuated by a precision ball screw driven linear drive which  has an ultra-stiff construction for minimal deflection (<1mrad change under load).

Customisation options include choice of motor, encoder model and electrical connections to match any facility standards where possible.

For more technical information on the performance of this wire scanner we recommend the following SwissFEL technical paper:

G.L.Orlandi,etal.,Design and experimental tests of free electron laser wire scanners, Phys.Rev.Accel.Beams19,092802(2016)

Link: https://journals.aps.org/prab/pdf/10.1103/PhysRevAccelBeams.19.092802

Key Specifications

  • Very high spatial resolution – geometric resolution down to 1.25 um (rms)
  • X, Y & X/Y transverse dimension scanning modes by means of a wire triplet
  • 2 scanning options (high spatial resolution and minimally invasive) by means of two independent triplets of wires of different diameter and materials in one device
  • Optimised for low wire vibration
  • Proven design in operation at SwissFEL (PSI)
  • Patent protected low friction magnetically coupled mechanism with no lubrication.
  • Design prototype tested to 40 Million cycles at 7Hz without maintenance before failure.

Wire Scanner

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