XL-R MultiCentre

The truly modular dual bellows stage

Based on the proven design of the multistage series of manipulators, the XL-R series is a truly modular dual bellows stage. A full range of XY and Z stage modules are available, all interchangeable and offering complete flexibility. The XL-R can be configured to suit all industry-standard sample holders and provides a range of manipulation, heating, cooling and advanced options.

Key Specifications

 Key features

  • Dual bellows with 3, 4 or 5 axes
  • Up to +/- 40mm XY Motion
  • Dual-point support for ultimate stability
  • 100-1000mm Z Motion
  • Puck, Flag or ESCA sample handling
  • E-beam heating, LN2 cooling plus biasing options
XL-R MultiCentre

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Smooth operation and unmatched stability

With the addition of integrated dual-point support, the XL-R series offers increased stability. This makes it an ideal choice for surface analytical and synchrotron end-station applications where long travel and stability are essential. All stage modules use proven kinematic designs that eliminate thermal stressing problems. So even after repeated bakeout at 250°C, smooth operation is assured.

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Technical Specification

MODEL Puck-Style Flag-Style ESCA Stub
Mounting flange CF100 152mm (6") OD CF / CF150 203mm (8") OD CF
X-Y travel +/- 19mm or +/- 40mm
Z travel 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1000mm
Polar rotation +/- 180° (+/- 100° with LHe option)
Azimuthal rotation Continuous with LN2 cooling (+/- 100° with LHe cooling) N/A
Maximum sample size 25mm diameter 15mm x 18mm 14mm diameter
Resistive heating > 900°C > 900°C > 900°C
e-beam heating > 1200°C > 1200°C  N/A
LN2 cooling < -150°C  (<-160°C typically achieved) < -140°C
LHe cooling Not available <30K (typically 25K) N/A
Sample current measurement Isolation  > +/- 1000 V Resistance > 500 MOhm.

Configuration options

Choice of 4 or 5 axis configurations

Both the XL-T and XL-R range of multicentres are available in 4 or 5 axis configurations to suit the application requirements. 

4 axis (X,Y,Z,R1)

The 4 axis option provides a range of X, Y and Z movements with magnetically coupled rotary drive providing the polar (primary) rotation.

5 axis (X,Y,Z,R1,R2)

The 5 axis option provides a range of X, Y and Z movements with magnetically coupled rotary drives providing both the polar (primary) rotation and azimuthal (secondary) rotation.

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