Analytical stages

Configurable analytical stages offer up to 5 axes of motion and facilitate sample biasing. The device can be heated up to 1200°C and cooled to <30K (typically 25K). What’s more, MultiCentres can be configured to accept most of the common surface analysis sample holders. These include pucks, flags and ESCA stubs.

Key Features

  • Compact and high stability, high precision stages
  • Modular stage design allows functionality to be configured to suit the application
  • Innovative sample stage with ultra-compact swept volume and unique range of additional stage options
  • Heating to 1200°C & cooling to <30K (typically 25K, with LN2 precooling to reduce LHe consumption and costs)
  • Unique ability to provide continuous azimuthal rotation and LN2 cooling
  • Flag, puck and ESCA sample compatible stages
Analytical stages

Complete sample transfer manipulation

The MultiCentre and associated accessories provide a complete solution for sample transfer and manipulation. Its typical applications include analytical instrumentation for surface analysis equipment and synchrotron end stations.

Two innovative options 

The MultiCentre range includes the XL-T Series which provides compact single bellows stages and the XL-R series. The latter utilises dual bellows with dual-point support, providing increased stability and precision.

What’s included

Each series offers a full range of options, including:

  • Resistive or e-beam heating
  • Temperature measurement
  • Sample biasing/current measurement 
  • LN2 and LHe cooling options

MultiCentres are unique in their ability to provide continuous azimuthal rotation and temperature measurement even when cooling with LN2 and heating to 1200°C.

Analytical stages series and product options

XL-T MultiCentre

The entry-level single bellows compact stage

XL-R MultiCentre

The truly modular dual bellows stage

Configuration options

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