XL-T MultiCentre

The entry-level single bellows compact stage

Offering a full range of functions, the XL-T series is an entry-level single bellows compact stage. Based on the TETRAXE XYZT manipulator, its rugged construction and smaller platform are ideal for surface science chambers where space is limited. The XL-T can be configured to suit all industry-standard sample holders and provides a range of manipulation, heating, cooling and advanced options. 

Key Specifications

  • Single bellows with 3, 4 or 5 axes
  • +/- 12.5 XY Motion
  • 50-250mm Z Motion
  • Puck, Flag or ESCA sample handling
  • E-beam heating, LN2 cooling plus biasing options
  • Continuous azimuthal rotation & LN2 cooling
XL-T MultiCentre

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How it works 

Including LN2 cooling coils, the large 65mm ID bellows bore allows for all services to be routed at the top of the stage. This results in an uncluttered, compact design at the sample stage that significantly reduces the swept radius. A unique feature is the continuous azimuthal rotation - even when cooling with LN2. This is achieved via a proprietary design which acts as a bearing for rotation and also provides electrical isolation of the sample.

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Technical Specification

MODEL XL-T Puck-Style Flag-Style ESCA Stub
Mounting flange CF64 114mm (4.5") OD CF or CF100 152mm (6") OD CF
X-Y travel +/- 12.5mm
Z travel 50, 100, 150 and 250mm
Polar rotation +/- 180°
Azimuthal rotation Continuous with LN2 cooling N/A
Maximum sample size 25mm diameter 15mm x 18mm 14mm diameter
Resistive heating > 900°C > 900°C > 900°C
e-beam heating > 1200°C > 1200°C  N/A
LN2 cooling < -150°C (<-160°C typically achievable)
(< -150°C with continuous azimuthal rotation)
< -140°C
Sample current measurement Isolation  > +/- 1000 V Resistance > 500 MOhm

Configuration options

Choice of 4 or 5 axis configurations

Both the XL-T and XL-R range of multicentres are available in 4 or 5 axis configurations to suit the application requirements. 

4 axis (X,Y,Z,R1)

The 4 axis option provides a range of X, Y and Z movements with magnetically coupled rotary drive providing the polar (primary) rotation.

5 axis (X,Y,Z,R1,R2)

The 5 axis option provides a range of X, Y and Z movements with magnetically coupled rotary drives providing both the polar (primary) rotation and azimuthal (secondary) rotation.

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