Cooled EC-I series

State-of-the-art performance for growth and deposition

The Cooled EC-I series (CEC-I) provides state-of-the-art performance for various growth and deposition techniques, including MBE, sputtering and CVD.

UHV Design’s innovative CEC-I solution offers continuous substrate rotation, high temperature and uniform heating. Furthermore, it can statically cool a substrate using our novel sample holder design in order to provide uniform cooling. CEC-I offers 1kV DC & 100W RF biasing with facilities for substrate transfer - all while maintaining true UHV compatibility. This device is designed to accept SEMI standard 6" wafers.    

Key Specifications

  • Substrate heating to 800°C
  • Continuous substrate rotation during heating
  • Cooling of the static substrate to  -100oC
  • Homing for automatic transfer alignment
  • 1kV DC & 100W RF substrate biasing
  • SEMI standard 6" Ø substrates
Cooled EC-I series

Product Downloads

Heating mode


In heating mode, the substrate can be rotated at 20rpm whilst heating to 800°C. 1kV DC, 100W RF bias can be applied in this mode. 

Cooling mode


Novel dynamic sample holder provides uniform cooling of the static substrate using cooled water for rapid wafer quench or LN2 for cryogenic wafer cooling to -100°C.

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