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Pneumatically Actuated Linear Translater (PAT)

The magnetically-coupled  Pneumatically Actuated Linear Translator (PAT) drive has been designed specifically to eliminate the need to use bellows in beamline applications such as positioning diagnostics. 

Available in strokes up to 100mm and actuated using a side mounted rodless pneumatic cylinder the design incorporates 2 constant force springs for fail-safe operation in the event of loss of electrical power or air supply.

Utilising UHV Design’s magnetic coupling technology, the PAT drive has a linear breakaway thrust of 90N. Linear speed up to 50mm/s.

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Key Features

  • Magnetically-coupled bellows free operation
  • Up to 100mm linear travel
  • Linear breakaway thrust: 90N
  • Linear speed: 50mm / second
  • Fail-safe design in the event of loss of electrical power or air supply
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