Magnetically-coupled rotation and axial motion in a single, compact device. An example application would be the rotation of a substrate cradle with the lift and lower motion used to facilitate sample transfer. Hollow drive technology allows services to be passed through to a substrate heating module.

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Key features

  • Magnetically-coupled fail-safe design
  • Rotation up to 60 rpm and 25mm axial motion in a single, compact device
  • 27.8mm bore to allow services to be passed through

The MLR35 is a magnetically-coupled combined hollow rotary and linear motion device, which enables a central hollow shaft to be rotated in UHV at up to 60 rpm and moved axially by up to 25mm.  As such this manipulator is ideal for applications where, for example, a substrate may need to be rotated in front of a source or heater to achieve uniformity whilst being able to move the substrate axially to facilitate sample hand off.
The MRL35 is magnetically-coupled (i.e. free from bellows, sliding seals, Ferro seals etc) ensuring trouble-free operation and eliminating the risk of leaks in service. The very high torque and axial thrust provided by our highly optimised magnetic couplings ensure precision and surety of motion.

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System mounting flange size CF38 70mm (2.75") OD CF metric clear holes straddled
Rear flange size CF38 70mm (2.75") OD CF metric tapped rotatable
Clear bore 27.8mm
Break-away Torque 9 Nm (6.6 lbf ft)
Linear coupling 140 N (31.3 lbf)
Lift motion range 0-25mm
Rotation speed range 60 rpm maximum
Max bakeout temperature  250 °C with motor/pneumatic cylinder/ home sensor removed
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