Magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm

Linear and rotary motion with a unique sample gripping mechanism

The magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm has a unique grip, allowing samples to be locked onto and off the probe. What’s more, it allows for both linear and rotary motion of a sample - achievable via a single actuator. This has a stroke length from 304mm to 1219mm.

Key Specifications

  • Independent linear & rotary motion with unique sample gripping system
  • End-effectors for flag and puck systems
  • Unrivalled 140N axial coupling strength
  • Exceptional axial stiffness 
  • No backlash under low load
  • Bakeable to 250°C without removing any components
Magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm

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How it works

The unique lock/unlock mechanism then activates an independent shaft to provide gripper activation. In addition to linear and rotary motion, the thimble incorporates a unique secondary linear motion that can be used to lock/unlock samples held by a gripping end-effector. Two standard end-effectors are offered to grip and safely transfer industry-standard surface analysis flag and puck sample holders.

Product configuration tool

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