Linear Telescopic Transfer Arm

Linear Telescopic Transfer Arm

Telescoping transfer arm with 914mm travel, specifically designed for use in situations where installation space is a limiting factor or a compact system footprint is desired. Available with options for 20mm of arm lift/lower, motorised actuation and choice of Fast Entry Loadlock.
Available with manual or motorised actuation and additional 20mm arm lift/lower option to facilitate sample hand-off. With less than 3.0mm vertical deflection under a 5.0N load the LTTA is a compact alternative to conventional magnetically-coupled transfer arms. The LTTA can be supplied complete with a Fast Entry Lock (FEL) for convenience.

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Key Features

  • Ultra-compact footprint (less than half of a conventional transfer arm)
  • Up to 914mm extension
  • Fast Entry Loadlock options
  • 20mm lift/lower option
  • Low vertical deflection under load

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Technical Specifications

Mounting flange options - LTTA only CF100, ISO-K 100, CF 150, ISO-K 160
Mounting flange options - LTTA + Fast Entry Lock chamber CF100, ISO-K 100, CF150, ISO-K 160,
  CF200, ISO-K 200, CF250, ISO-K 250
LTTA arm extension 914mm
Lift/Lower option 20mm
Linear positional repeatability (Z Axis) <+/-0.5mm at 914mm extension
X & Y repeatability <+/-0.5mm at 914mm extension
Vertical deflection (absolute)  
2.5N load <2.0mm variance during 914mm extension
5.0N load <4.0mm variance during 914mm extension
Horizontal deflection (absolute)  
2.5N load <3.0mm variance during 914mm extension
5.0N load <3.0mm variance during 914mm extension
Maximum recommended transfer speed <85mm/s
Recommended transfer speed 30mm/s
Maximum Load on arm 0.5Kg