Linear transfer arm

LPP & XLPP range

These high-performance magnetically-coupled linear devices are designed for sample transfer. More specifically, where only linear motion is required and rotation is undesirable.

They are available in standard stroke lengths from 304mm to 1524mm, with motorisation options of up to 100mm/s transfer speed. The manual version of the LPP is bakeable to 250°C without removing any components.

For demanding UHV applications, we recommend the XLPP option with rolling metal & ceramic bearings. This will ensure smooth, low friction actuation with minimal outgassing.

Key Specifications

  • An internal anti-rotation system for straight in-line motion
  • Unrivalled 140N axial coupling strength
  • Bakeable to 250°C without having to remove the outer magnets
  • Motorisation options, including high-speed ball screw actuation (up to 100mm/s linear speed)
  • Exceptional axial stiffness 
  • No backlash under low load
Linear transfer arm

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