Puck Sample Transfer Options

Puck Sample Transfer Options

The options below offer secure transfer of a standard puck sample holder using the Linear Only (LPP), Linear&Rotary (PP) and Elevating (EPP) Power Probe ranges.

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Please contact us to discuss your sample transfer requirements.

Key Features

  • Secure sample transfer for Puck style sample holders
  • Available for Linear, Linear/Rotary & Elevating transfer arms

Puck style sample transfer with linear only movement.

Learn more about the LPP range 

Puck style sample transfer with linear and rotary movement.

Learn more about the PP range


Puck style sample transfer with linear only movement and integrated sample lift/lower mechanism

Learn more about the EPP range

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about any of the transfer options above or to discuss your application in more detail.