Wafer flipper

Transfer with 180-degree orientation

This device is designed to aid transfer between different system orientations; setups that require the wafer to be flipped by 180 degrees. This design utilises the magnetically-coupled triple axis transfer arm, providing linear and rotary motion. 

Key Specifications

  • Independent linear & rotary motion with unique wafer gripping system
  • Unrivalled 140N axial coupling strength provides secure transfer
  • Integrated spring to avoid over-compression during grip
  • No backlash under low load
  • Bakeable to 250°C without removing any components
Wafer flipper

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How it works 

Our wafer flipper has a unique sample gripping mechanism. This allows wafers to be securely gripped via an integrated spring mechanism. This is robust and designed to avoid over compression. Linear and rotary motion of the sample is achieved via a single actuator with a stroke length from 304mm to 1219mm. The wafer gripper is actuated by independently rotating the rear part of the outer thimble. The wafer is available in sizes from 2" to 6".  

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