UHV XPP Option

UHV XPP Option

XPP Option

The standard Power Probe range of sample transfer arms provides ultra-reliable, service-free operation in most common sample transfer applications. This robust design philosophy dictated from the outset the use of dry sliding bearings based upon polymers and metal composites as opposed to rolling element bearings.

The trade-off for the unrivalled durability of the PowerProbe design was a pressure burst during actuation, caused by the sliding nature of the bearing surfaces.

For this reason, although the standard PowerProbe range is highly recommended for entry lock applications and UHV applications where small momentary pressure bursts can be tolerated, but for true UHV or even XHV applications we recommend the XPP option.

Key Features

  • Typically less than one decade pressure increase during sample transfer
  • Rolling all-metal bearings rather than sliding PEEK bearings
  • Available in Linear Only, Linear & Rotary, Dual Axes and Elevating Platform variants

Standard Power Probe

Standard PP40 transfer arm uses sliding PEEK bearings as shown in blue. These may result in a two decade presussure increase during sample transfer.

XPower Probe Option

XPP40 uses rolling metal bearings shown in green to minimise pressure rise during sample transfer (typically less than one decade increase)

XPP Technical Datsheets

   XLPP technical datasheet (Linear Only)
   XPP technical datasheet (Linear & Rotary)
   XDAPP technical datasheet (Linear with Inner Rotating Shaft)
   XEPP technical datasheet (Elevating)

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