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WS40 wobble sticks

The WS40 range of wobble sticks have been designed to offer precise manual manipulation of a range of sample holders using UHV Design's high power magnetic coupling technology.

The slimline modular design provides in-line and right-angle variants along with a choice of end-effectors for Flag, Puck and ESCA stub style sample holders. The WS40 includes the 'Flag in-line toggle' option which allows secure transfer of flag style sample holders with innovative 'twist & lock' mechanism.

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Key features

  • In-line and right-angled versions with +/-22o tilt
  • 100-350mm stroke range (50mm increments)
  • Bakeout to 250oC without removing the outer magnetic assembly
  • Choice of end-effectors for Flag, Puck and ESCA stub
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Unlike some conventional designs, the WS40 can be baked to 250oC without the need to remove the outer magenetic assembly.

The WS40 can be configured using our 'Product Configuration Tool' below enabling the stroke length and choice of end effector to be selected. The WS40 is available with the following end effector options including the Flag Style Toggle option with convenient 'twist to lock' end effector (see animation).

For technical details, download the WS40/WSG40 brochure

Available End-Effector Options



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