Wobble sticks

The UHV Design wobble stick is a slimline modular concept, benefiting from high-power magnetic coupling technology. The coupling eliminates the need for long edge-welded bellows stacks - typically found in conventional wobble stick designs. Crucially, this reduces the risk of leaks - particularly for deposition applications, e.g, MBE. In these applications, particulates or deposition between bellows convolutions can reduce lifetimes or cause immediate failure.

We have a range of Wobble Sticks specifically designed for common VT-SPM systems. 

Key Features

  • In-line and right-angled version with +/-22° tilt
  • 100-350mm stroke range (50mm increments) 
  • Note: longer strokes are available upon request. Contact us for details.
  • Bakeout to 250°C without the need to remove the outer magnet assembly
  • WSG40 includes trigger grip
  • Choice of end effectors for flag, puck and esca stub (see below)
  • No thrust due to vacuum
Wobble sticks

Wobble sticks series and product options

WS40 Wobble Stick Range

Magnetically-coupled wobble stick

WSG40 Range

Magnetically-coupled wobble stick

XWS40 Range

XWS40 UHV Wobble Stick Range

XWSG40 Range

UHV Magnetically-coupled wobble sticks

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