WS40 Wobble Stick Range

Magnetically-coupled wobble stick

The WS40 range has been designed to offer precise manual manipulation of a variety of sample holders. This is because it utilises UHV Design's high power magnetic coupling technology.

The slimline modular design provides in-line and right-angle variants, along with a choice of end-effectors for Flag, Puck and ESCA stub style sample holders.

The WS40 includes the 'Flag in-line toggle' option. This allows secure transfer of flag style sample holders via an innovative 'twist & lock' mechanism; intuitively designed to prevent accidental damage to the flag sample handle.

Key Specifications

  • In-line and right-angled version with +/-22° tilt
  • 100-350mm stroke range (50mm increments) - Note: longer strokes are available upon request. Contact us for details.
  • Bakeout to 250°C without the need to remove the outer magnet assembly
  • Choice of end effectors for flag, puck and esca stub (see below)
  • No thrust due to vacuum
WS40 Wobble Stick Range

Product Downloads

Flag toggle end-effector option

Incorporates an integrated mechanism that prevents accidental damage to the flag sample handle if the wobble stick is over rotated.


Puck end-effector

Compatible with standard puck sample holders and available for customisation for non-standard sample holders.


ESCA stub end-effector

Compatible with standard ESCA sample holders and available for customisation for non-standard sample holders.


Screw driver end-effectors

We offer a a range of screwdriver style end-effectors including blades, allen keys, pozi etc. We can also offer customised designs where required.



Wobble lock and brake option

The wobble lock allows the wobble stick to be locked in the centre-line position to allow for linear only actuation. The thimble brake allows the linear position to be locked.


Product configuration tool

Updated wobble stick toggle design

Wobble lock and thimble brake

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