Compact XYZ manipulator with integrated tilt


Our TETRAXE manipulator offers precise manipulation in the X, Y and Z-axis. What’s more, it includes a convenient +/-2° tilt integrated into the mounting flange assembly. Its rugged construction and ultra-compact footprint make the TETRAXE the ideal manipulator platform when space is limited.

It’s ideal in these situations because the ultra-compact TETRAXE allows both the X and Y actuation methods to be moved to alternative positions. Consequently, this helps to avoid any mechanical clashes. 

Key Specifications

  • 25-300mm Z motion options
  • XY options include +/-12mm (38mm bore), +/-15mm (64mm bore) and +/-25mm (102mm bore) with integrated +/- 2° tilt
  • High-resolution performance
  • Can be motorised retrospectively
Compact XYZ manipulator with integrated tilt

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How it works

Moving the manual handwheels or motorisation kits requires no specialist tools or training. Instead, it can be completed on-site by following a very simple process. In addition to this feature, the mounting flange incorporates an integrated +/-2 degree tilt for convenience during final alignment.

Straddled holes on the fixed flange are offered as standard with In-line clear holes available as an option.

The TETRAXE is available in manual or motorised configurations with the option to upgrade from manual actuation to motorisation at a later date using simple 'DIY' motorisation kits.

Combining the TETRAXE with additional components such as rotary feedthroughs, service collars and custom shafts allows advanced manipulators to be created.

Product configuration tool

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