Y, XY, XYZ and XYZT motion

Many vacuum applications such as sample transfer, beamline diagnostic positioning and sample positioning for analysis require precise manipulation along Y or XYZ axes.

That’s why UHV Design provides a field-proven range of precise manipulators that can be used in isolation or combined with linear shift mechanisms and magnetically coupled rotary drives. Consequently, this facilitates the build of sophisticated manipulators with up to six axes of independent motion.

Key Features

  • Multiple options are available to suit X, Y, and Z travel requirements.
  • A guaranteed minimum bellows design life of 10,000 cycles
  • Any-orientation mounting
  • Many units can be retrospectively converted to motorised or manual actuation as required
Manipulator offering precise manipulation for X, Y and Z travel.

Y, XY, XYZ and XYZT motion series and product options

Single Axis Y-Shift

Accurate, repeatable axial alignment on the Y-axis

XY Aligner (XYA)

Basic X & Y manipulation for low duty-cycle applications

X&Y Manipulators

The 1st choice for demanding production environments

Configured XYZ

XY manipulator combined with Linear Shift Mechanism

Compact XYZ manipulator with integrated tilt


Y, XY, XYZ customisation

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