Y, XY, XYZ customisation

From actuation methods to encoders and custom features, all our standard products offer a level of customisation.

Custom Actuation

Our Y, XY & XYZ ranges can all be customised to fit the motor of your choice.

We can either provide the device with it installed or supply suitable mounting fixtures to fit your preferred motor.

Key Specifications

  • Custom actuation options
  • Custom encoder options
  • Custom wiring schemes
  • Additional service collars, rotation and custom shafts
Y, XY, XYZ customisation

Custom Encoders  

Our standard option is the LM10 incremental encoder, which provides a 10-micron resolution. But we also offer 1-micron incremental options or a choice of absolute encoders. What's more, we can also provide the Y, XY & XYZ ranges with fixings to fit an encoder of your choice.

Custom wiring and connectors

To allow easy product integration into existing control schemes, we can customise the wiring of encoders and switches to the preferred connectors (such as the popular LEMO connector shown above). This allows 'plug and play' integration into system platforms or facilities, e.g. particle accelerators. In applications like this, we can offer Kapton coated wiring and radiation-resistant grease.

Additional rotation and custom shafts

Our range of magnetically coupled rotary drives can be installed onto the linear shift to provide up to 2-axis of rotation (using a hollow drive combined with a solid shaft drive). Additionally, we can also offer a range of service collars and customised shafts. These can include supplementary features to support attachments and custom end-effectors. 

If you would like to discuss your project with our engineering team, please contact us.