High Speed Linear Shift Mechanism

High Speed Linear Shift Mechanism

PLSM Series

The PLSM series of linear shifts have been designed to address the most demanding of applications where high duty cycles or high speeds are required in addition to market leading reliability. Applications include high speed wire scanners and production automation.

All PLSMs benefit from:

  • Ultra-stiff construction for minimal deflection (<1mrad under load)
  • High cantilevered load capacity
  • Ball screw drive mechanism with recirculating linear slides capable of speeds up to 100mm/s
  • Bellows with greater than 50,000 cycles guaranteed with option for 1 million cycles

Each PLSML can be supplied with a digital linear scale, offering visual position indication with 10 micron resolution. See 'linear shift customisation options'.

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Key Features

  • Up to 1,000mm stroke
  • Up to 100mm/s linear speed
  • Reliable performance even in demanding applications
  • True UHV performance
  • Bellows bakeable to 250°C (ballscrew actuator limited to 80°C)
  • Demountable bellows with 50,000 cycles guaranteed with options up to 1 million cycles

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Product Downloads

       PLSM technical datasheet

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Product Downloads

       PLSM technical datasheet

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Linear shift customisation options

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The comprehensive LSM range up to 350mm linear stroke, up to 150mm clear bore.
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Linear Shift with integrated tilt (LSMT)

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Linear Shift with integrated X shift (L...

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Long Travel Linear Shift Mechanism (HLSML)

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