Bellows sealed linear actuators

Bellows sealed Linear Shift Mechanisms (LSMs) provide linear motion along the port axis (Z). Typical applications include positioning beamline filters and adjusting sputter sources. They can also be used for everything from deposition stages right through to production style applications. 

Key Features

  • 2x flange parallelism of conventional designs
  • 2x load-carrying capability of conventional designs
  • Smooth kinematic motion
  • 10,000 cycle lifetime guarantee (3 million cycle option)
  • Demountable bellows assembly
  • Reliable and rigid construction
  • Bakeable to 250°C
Bellows sealed linear actuators

An unrivalled range of LSMs

UHV Design has the largest range of LSMs in the world. This ranges from CF35 to CF150 flanges, up to 1m stroke and tilt & X alignment versions with manual, pneumatic and motorisation options. What’s more, these are all available with a range of position encoders.

Bellows sealed linear actuators product options

Standard linear shift

Our LSM & HLSM Series

Compact linear shift

UHV Design’s CLSM Series

Linear Shift with Integrated Tilt

UHV Design’s LSMT Series

Linear Shift with Integrated X Shift

Our LSMX Series

Long Travel Linear Shift Mechanism

UHV Design’s HLSML Series

High-speed Linear Shift Mechanism

Our PLSM Series

Linear Shift customisation

Available options

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