Long Travel Linear Shift Mechanism

UHV Design’s HLSML Series

With high precision motion maintained throughout, the HLSML provides strokes of up to 1000mm (39"). However, the HLSML is also a good option for shorter strokes where ultimate stability is required. The series can be actuated via a manual handwheel, DC motor or stepper motor.

Motorised HLSMLs are fitted with a bakeable limit and home switches. This is pre-wired to a single, bakeable connector mounted on the frame. HLSMLs are compatible with UHV Design’s SADC and Stepper motor controller range. 

Each HLSML can be supplied with a digital linear scale, offering visual position indication with 10-micron resolution. 

Key Specifications

  • Up to 1000mm stroke
  • Smooth kinematic motion
  • Reliable and rigid construction
  • True UHV performance
  • Bakeable to 250°C
  • Demountable bellows
Long Travel Linear Shift Mechanism

Product Downloads

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