Linear Shift with Integrated Tilt

Linear Shift with Integrated Tilt

LSMT Series

The LSMT is based on the standard LSM series with the additional facility to tilt the moving flange by +/- 2° for final alignment, acting as an integrated port aligner.

Typically used on beamlines to align diagnostics or for ion/sputter source alignment. Adjustment is actuated via four threaded support shafts. All flanges in the series are supplied with tapped bolt holes on the base flange as standard.


The series can be actuated with a manual handwheel, pneumatic cylinder, DC motor or stepper motor.  See 'linear shift customisation options'.


Key Features

  • Up to 150mm stroke
  • +/- 2° tilt for final alignment
  • Adjustment via 4 threaded 
  • support shafts
  • Smooth kinematic motion
  • Bakeable to 250ºC
  • Demountable bellows assembly

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       LSMT technical datasheet

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Product Downloads

       LSMT technical datasheet

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