Edge-welded bellows-sealed devices

Linear bellows drives (ALBDs) are a range of cost-effective UHV bellows-sealed devices that provide smooth and precise linear motion solutions. With that in mind, they’re perfect for low-load applications with 0.01mm linear resolution. As standard, they’re available on a 34mm (1.33") OD CF flange or there’s also a 70mm (2.75") OD CF flange option with a range of strokes (up to 150mm). They are ideal for everything from simple linear motion applications to precise positioning, e.g. beamline diagnostics.  

Key Features

  • High precision
  • Multi position
  • Linear-only motion
Edge-welded bellows-sealed devices

Exceptional resolution

The ALBD provides exceptional resolution (two times better than conventional units) and is manufactured and assembled to high tolerances. Its robust, quality materials include 316L bellows, offering a guaranteed minimum lifetime of 10,000 cycles. Furthermore, they’ll easily motorise in the field. 

User-friendly upgrades 

A simple user-friendly retrospective motor upgrade is also available. This includes home and limit switches for positional accuracy that can easily be removed for bake-out. The ALBD range offers four interchangeable actuation methods:

  • Simple push-pull rod
  • Micrometre-style actuation
  • High-precision motorisation
  • Pneumatic

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