ALBD - linear bellows drive

Our ALBD series

Bellows-sealed and precisely lead-screw driven

The Linear Bellows Drives (ALBDs) are a range of ultra-high vacuum compatible, bellows-sealed devices. They're perfectly designed to provide smooth and reliable linear motion solutions for low load applications. The ALBDs are available in CF16 and CF35 flange sizes with stroke length options from 25mm to 150mm.

Key Specifications

  • 316L high-quality bellows 
  • 10,000 cycle guarantee
  • Simple to motorise retrospectively 
  • High-resolution performance: 10 micron manual, 1 micron motorised 
  • 25N (5.6 lbf) axial thrust
  • Bakeable to 250°C with motor removed
ALBD - linear bellows drive

Product Downloads

Simple linear motion - precise positioning

The CF16 flange versions of the ALBD have a wide range of uses. These are ideal for everything from simple linear motion applications right through to precise positioning, e.g. beamline diagnostics. CF35 flange versions are available at an additional cost.

High-quality materials for the highest tolerances

The ALBD is manufactured and assembled to high tolerances using only the highest-quality materials throughout. These include 316L bellows, which offer a guaranteed minimum lifetime of 10,000 cycles.

The driving mechanism, which incorporates a precision cut lead-screw supported internally via a ceramic linear bush for greater rigidity, can either be manually actuated via a micrometer scale or stepper motor driven. Crucially, both offer a factor twice the resolution of conventional units. 

Simple retrospective actuation upgrade

As actuation mechanisms are interchangeable, a user-friendly retrospective motor upgrade is possible at any time (see below). This upgrade includes pre-wired home and limit switches for positional accuracy that can easily be removed for bake-out.

Step 1: Thimble and brake screw removed


Step 2: Install simple two-piece motorisation kit


Step 3:  Motorised ALBD is ready to use.


Note: a simple upgrade kit is also available for pneumatic actuation.

Product configuration tool

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