Standard Magnetically-coupled Linear Drive

Our MPPL Series

The MPPL provides internally-guided linear motion of the vacuum shaft, guaranteeing rotation-free movement. Furthermore, the high axial thrust coupling produces no torque. External rotation of the thimble doesn’t apply a rotational force internally either. This ensures the smoothest motion possible.

Key Specifications

  • Internally-guided linear motion
  • Guaranteed rotation-free motion
  • No bellows - smooth operation
  • No thrust due to vacuum
  • Over 90 N (20 lbf) linear thrust
  • Entire unit bakeable to 250°C
Standard Magnetically-coupled Linear Drive

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How it works

The range can be actuated manually, pneumatically or motorised with DC or stepper motors. Additionally, switches can be provided to prevent over-travel and to aid system interlocks.

The MPPL provides a simple and intrinsically safe alternative to bellows push-pull systems. Utilising UHV Design’s magnetic coupling technology, the magnetic push-pull removes the need for edge-welded bellows stacks that are incorporated within traditional designs. Their elimination maximises vacuum integrity, providing a robust, cost-effective solution. Also, unlike a bellows-sealed device, the MPPL is not subject to the thrust due to vacuum. This results in a smooth, free-moving operation.

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