Magnetically-coupled linear actuators

Magnetically-coupled linear drives offer a viable alternative to traditional bellows-sealed devices, e.g. linear shifts. What’s more, they’re ideal when there’s no requirement to pass services or devices through from the atmospheric side into the vacuum system

Key Features

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Axial coupling up to 90N
  • Speeds up to 1,000mm/s
  • Fail-safe operation maintains vacuum integrity
  • UHV compatible
Magnetically-coupled linear actuators

Example applications

Magnetically-coupled linear shifts offer exceptional reliability for applications with a high duty cycle. For example, operating shutters on production deposition systems. They’re also a preferable choice for applications where an unexpected failure would cause significant disruption, e.g. beamline diagnostics.

Magnetically-coupled linear actuators product options

Standard Magnetically-coupled Linear Drive

Our MPPL Series

Pneumatic Magnetically-coupled Linear Actuator

Our innovative PAT Drive

Ballscrew Magnetically-coupled Linear Drive

UHV Design’s BAT Drive

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