MPPRL - rotary and linear motion

UHV Design’s MPPRL series

Linear & rotary motion

This range of magnetically-coupled push-pull devices provides rotary and linear motion solutions for low-load applications in both high and ultra-high vacuums. Provided on a CF16 flange as standard, with a choice of stroke lengths from 50mm to 300mm (special strokes avaulable. The MPPRL provides linear and continuous rotary motion of the vacuum shaft.

Key Specifications

  • Linear and continuous rotary motion 
  • High power-to-size ratio
  • No bellows - smooth operation
  • No thrust due to vacuum
  • Over 90 N (20 lbf) linear thrust
  • Torque in excess of 0.4 Nm (0.29 lbf ft)
  • Entire unit bakeable to 250°C
MPPRL - rotary and linear motion

Product Downloads

Simple and safe 

The range provides a simple and safe alternative to bellows-sealed push-pull systems. It’s ideal for high-duty-cycle/performance-critical applications, e.g. synchrotrons and MBE systems, where downtime is not acceptable. As standard, linear strokes between 50mm and 300mm are provided but special strokes are available upon request.

Advanced magnetic-coupling

Utilising UHV Design’s magnetic coupling technology, this device removes the need for edge-welded bellows ‘stacks’ - usually incorporated within traditional push-pull designs. Crucially, their elimination maximises vacuum integrity, providing a robust, cost-effective solution. Unlike a bellows-sealed device, the MPPRL offers the additional advantage of not being subject to thrust due to vacuum. This results in a smooth free-moving, user-friendly operation.

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