MD40H hollow range

CF40, 2.75" OD flange, 9Nm torque

As part of our hollow range, the MD40H is a high-torque, medium-stiffness rotary feedthrough. Offering 9 Nm breakaway torque, it’s configured with a 14.5mm clear bore hollow body. What’s more, the MD40H has a fixed rear flange that enables a component to pass through the centre. This could be a second MagiDrive rotary feedthrough, a heater module or a cold lance.

Key Specifications

  • 14.5mm clear bore 
  • 9 Nm breakaway torque
  • Bakeable to 250°C without having to remove the outer magnets
  • Maximum axial load 142N (32 lbf)
  • Motorisation and pneumatic actuation options
  • Custom shafts available
MD40H hollow range

Product Downloads

Product configuration tool

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