MD64H hollow range

MD64H hollow range

MD64H series

CF64, 4.5" OD flange, Hollow MagiDrive series

The MD64H MagiDrive provides high torque rotation through a high-stiffness coupling. This rotary feedthrough is ideally suited to platen rotation or robot type applications. The MD64H has an adjustable rear flange enabling rotation of position prior to fixing. The hollow bore allows a component to pass through the centre such as a heater module, or a second MagiDrive rotary feedthrough shaft.

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Key features

  • 26mm clear bore 
  • Magnetically-coupled fail-safe design rotary feedthrough
  • High torque/stability
  • No bellows or dynamic seals
  • Bakeable to 250°C
  • Zero backlash under low load
  • True UHV performance

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MagiDrive body MD64H
System mounting flange CF64 114mm (4.5") OD CF
Fixed rear flange CF38 70mm (2.75") OD CF
Construction Machined from one piece 316L
Clear bore diameter 26mm
Shaft style Spigot flange
Break-away torque 10 Nm (7.38 lbf ft)
Maximum no load spin speed (standard bearings) 500 rpm
Maximum axial load 415 N (93 lbf)
Maximum bakeout temp 250°C
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